The Generic Context Menu Handler



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I have written a unique (I think) generic context menu handler for Windows which allows anyone to set up entries on the "right-click" menu from Explorer or the desktop.

Download it from Here

Download the Delphi Source from Here

It works essentially like the one installed by Winzip and many other software packages except that it is not specific to a particular program and can in fact handle as many menu items as you like.

It is currently used by my file tracking software "MyFileTracker" and you can easily install it from there until I finish this page.

All you need to do is as follows:

1.    Copy the file into \Windows\System and register it - it is self-registering

2.    Put a new key in the Registry such as:

I am using, as an example, a menu item to open .doc files with an old version of MSWord

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GenericContextMenu\Use Word97Spec]    'documentary

with the values:

default = "Open Excel file with Excel 97"        'unimportant - documentary only
"Exepath"="C:\Program files\Office 97\excel.exe"    'the path of the program you want to run

"extn"="xl*"        'the extension spec you are interested in ("*" is all files, wildcards allowed)
"menuitem"="Open with Excel 97"    'what appears when you right click a .doc file

As a further example, here is a .reg file which sets the menu item up for my software



@="MyFileTracker All Files"
"Exepath"="C:\\Program Files\\MyFileTracker\\Myfiletracker.exe"


You must use double slashes to specify a path to the Registry, otherwise it thinks it is another Key level.

I intend to write a helper program which will make this foolproof asap.

Any comments or questions, email me 


copyright Roy Low